Why I do what I do

I had the privilege to recently attend the annual B2B CFO® conference in Atlanta. I say “privilege” as I’m part of a firm of truly fabulous professionals and friends.  I always leave the meeting – my third with the firm – refreshed and energized.

At the meeting this year, we rolled out our new “Why” video for the firm (you can see it by going to our website https://www.b2bcfo.com). The video is well done and succinctly talks about why B2B CFO® partners do what they do. We have a real passion for our owners – we want them to succeed both on a personal and professional level. When their goals are achieved, it is rewarding to see the pure joy of achievement.

This got me to thinking – why do I do what I do? The easy answer is to just look at the firm’s “Why” video, but there is a lot more to it – personal, family and philanthropic goals amongst others. The simple underlying theme is that it isn’t about me – it is about others – giving is paramount to receiving. I’ll be working on this over the next few weeks and I’ll share what I find out – so keep checking back.

In closing – why do you do what you do?

photo credit: Caution Question Mark Dark BG via photopin (license)


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