Uncontrolled use of financial terms

Being a finance guy, I catch myself now and then throwing around acronyms or other financial terms without thinking.  I recently had a conversation with a client and when I started talking about EBITDA, I received the look of “what does that mean” along with the raised eyebrow and curled nose.  As such, I’m now on a mission – help educate the world on financial terms – well, let’s start with our immediate audience here…

Over the next few months, one of us will give an overview of some of the financial terms and acronyms most frequently used or of interest to you.  If there are any terms that you would like to see explained, please let one of us know – either through an e-mail or a comment to this post.

The fun will begin shortly – well, it is fun for the financial geeks out there including myself…


photo credit: Finances via photopin (license)

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