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Bonus Plans That Pay

In today’s competitive environment finding and retaining top talent is a key to business success.  Developing and implementing a bonus plan that is in alignment with your business goals can be a powerful aid in keeping those high performers on your team. Keys To an Effective Bonus Plan One of the ways your team will… Read more »

Lean Finance Departments

Business People In A Huddle

I’m always suspicious when I start to work with a new client and there is an abundance of finance and accounting personnel. Or alternatively, when a finance chief complains about a lack of resources or time. I’ve never thought that throwing bodies at a problem does much of anything other than build some finance chief’s… Read more »

Wages Rising

Black And White Going Up Sign

If you are a business owner and haven’t already experienced it, get ready for your employment costs to increase. Especially if you employ skilled workers. While the U.S. is not quite at full employment and still not experiencing the kind of robust recovery we had hoped for, the economy has quietly continued to create jobs.… Read more »

Work with a CFO, not a CF No

No Painted In White On Red

Finance departments and CFO’s have had a reputation of answering all requests with no. In fact, many finance departments still have that reputation. We had become CF No’s. It was too easy to respond to any new idea with all of the reasons it could not work. And despite my earlier commentary on August 23, 2014… Read more »