Sweet Satisfaction

It’s a great pleasure in life to help other people. This is the way I approach everyone I come in contact with in business. So when someone takes the time to recognize me for helping them, it doubles the reward.

In 2010, I met the wonderful folks at Gracious Gifts, Inc., dba FunkyChunky, a manufacturer of artisan snacks. They were looking for a CFO to help “quarterback” them through the process of maximizing company value through an exit strategy. Nearly three years later, the process is complete. While it was not easy, it’s very humbling to receive the following note from my client, Sandy Feuer, former owner of Gracious Gifts.

My wife, Ronni, and I met Ken while reaching out for a well qualified B2B CFO in the Twin Cities about 3 years ago to assist us in the preparation of selling our artisan gourmet snacks business. We were truly grateful to have selected him based upon his extensive background in manufacturing, accounting expertise and experience, and excellent communication skills.

Within a few months after implementing better accounting practices and overseeing a 3rd party annual financial review, we asked Ken to become the quarterback of our subject matter experts team (M & A Executive, Attorney and CPA), as we moved forward in seeking a potential qualified buyer. It took 3 years for us to reach our goal. Ken was very instrumental in keeping the team very focused and our financials in excellent shape, which shortened the due diligence time spent by the buyer. In addition, his valued input and feedback and business leadership were instrumental throughout the entire process.

Over the past years Ken has become a valued confidant and close friend. I would recommend him to any company large or small that is looking for a CFO. He will bring a strong skill set, years of accounting experience, and a “go the extra mile” attitude to accomplish your goals while improving financial processes.

Sandy Feuer
Chief Operating Officer
Gracious Gifts, Inc., dba FunkyChunky

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