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Steve Janson

Chanhassen, MN CFO

26 Years of Experience

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(612) 961-6740


University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Certificates & Licenses:

BS in Accounting - 1984

CPA(Inactive) - Minnesota


American Institute of CPA\'s

Minnesota Society of CPA\'s

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Steve’s Bio

Steven is a seasoned financial professional with 21 years experience as a Controller, Vice President of Finance, and CFO. Steve's career has focused on small private companies and turn-key operating divisions of larger corporations. He has successfully transformed each Company into highly profitable entities by balancing short-term financial objectives with long-term strategic goals.

He has served as CFO or Controller for organizations ranging in size from start-up to $65 million in annual sales. In those positions, Steve has effectively managed all aspects of the finance, accounting, treasury and administration functions, including:

  • Cash Management Credit and Collections
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Information Technology, including two Accounting Software Conversions
  • Payroll and Human Resources
  • Risk Management

The primary contact person with outside third parties such as banks, private equity firms, insurance brokers, accounting firms, and law firms Small businesses need to grow to survive. Steve understands that business owners want to focus the majority of their time and efforts on growing their businesses, but financial and administrative demands often distract them from their primary objectives. All businesses need sound financial systems and advice to survive. When a client engages Steve to oversee their financial and administrative operations, he allows them to focus on their primary activities. Steve will provide the professional financial service the client needs to survive and grow, without the added burden on the company of a full-time CFO salary.

Steve will focus on the company's cash flow and profitability, while providing timely and accurate financial information and assist them in making wise business decisions. Steve will learn and understand the intricate aspects of your business, and provide you with a strong, reliable confidant to assist and advise you with all your business challenges. Steve has spent the majority of his career as a "hands-on" operational financial professional. He believes that timely and accurate financial reporting is a minimum requirement for any accounting department. He believes the value a CFO brings to the table is how he manages the assets of the company, while meeting the strategic objectives of the organization.

He has a track record of improving accounts receivable collections while growing the revenues. He has accomplished significant reductions in inventory levels while improving shipping performance. He has experience using information technology to allow a company to triple its revenue, without adding additional employees. He will make a significant financial impact on your company.

Seasoned financial experience is portable to many different industries. Steve has proved this with his successful application of his experience in wholesale distribution, high tech electronic manufacturing, medical device distribution, and professional service industries.

Steve earned his Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin — River Falls. He is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive) licensed in the State of Minnesota, and is a member of the Minnesota Society of CPA's, as well as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Steve currently resides in Chanhassen, Minnesota, with his wife Nadia. His two daughters are enjoying life as students at the University of Wisconsin — Madison. He enjoys biking with his girls, working out, and continues to play men's league hockey. He spent 11 years coaching his daughters' soccer teams, but now mostly spends his free time working on his golf game. He is the head grounds keeper for the Chanhassen Red Birds town baseball team, where his wife is a board member.

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Have you ever noticed similar businesses in similar marketplaces can have profoundly different levels of success?   Have you ever wondered why some businesses achieve great results, while others struggle to survive?  There are a lot of variables when trying to identify the correct formula for success, and nobody ever  gets them all correct, but all successful businesses have one common denominator.  They prepare, review and execute some type of strategic plan. There are lots of books and resources available to

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Whether you’re evaluating material requirements contracts, or shopping your purchase orders, when do you accept the lowest bid?  The answer is simple, ALWAYS.  You should always accept the lowest cost provider for your material requirements, resale products, and business supply items.  That said, it is important to appropriately evaluate their proposals beyond the unit price quoted.  Lowest cost is frequently not the lowest price.   When evaluating purchasing proposals, you must understand the “Total Cost” of doing business with your suppliers.

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Increasing revenue is how you grow your business.  Whether it’s finding that next customer, project, or product line, selling more usually equates to business growth.  We often focus so much on finding that next sale, we sometimes overlook the incremental cost of landing that business.  Good discipline in analyzing your sales channel maintenance and gross margin for each transaction will help you understand if you are generating revenue at all costs. Some things to think about: In General, Revenue Growth

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If you’re a sports fan and spent part of the holiday season enjoying some of the action, you could not help but see the commercial where the actor references a survey that indicates 99% of his people surveyed favor cash, with 1% dissenting.  I know the people I come in contact on a daily basis are in the 99% group, but why is it such a challenge and why does it seem so elusive? We are all familiar with the

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Understanding where you make your money?

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Traditional accounting systems are designed to report the overall financial performance of your business.  Good financial controls and procedures are essential to provide you with meaningful monthly financial statements.  Timely, accurate reporting of your monthly results are a key management tool for assisting with tactical short-term business decisions, as well as charting your progressive and accumulating data to support your long-term strategic goals.  Traditional accounting systems do a good job of reporting the overall progress of your business, but you

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“My business is profitable, but I never seem to have any cash.”  Does this seem to happen in your business?  Typical financial statements are usually kept on the accrual basis, so when you ship your product you record revenue, when you incur an expense, you recorded it; and when your suppliers ship your products under the common terms “FOB shipping point”, you record the asset and liability. But the recognition of revenues and expenses does not always correlate with the

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If you ask a number of different people, you will get several different answers. Some people may want to know more about your customers. Some will want to know if you own intellectual property. Some will want to see if you have reinvested in your capital assets and your I/T systems. Analysts will want to look at your revenue and profit trends to see if you are growing. There are many methods and formulas to estimate the value of your

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Twin Cities Partners Co-Sponsor Allied Executive Event

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On August 30, 2012 the Twin Cities Partners of our firm co-sponsored a networking and informational event organized by Allied Executives and hosted by the Golden Valley Country Club in the west metro area of the Twin Cities.  The event was targeted to CEO’s and Business Owners, and the subject was “Critical Sales Management Strategies”. The event attracted substantial interest, as over 400 people registered to attend.  Nearly everyone that registered attended the event, which was remarkable considering it was

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Steve Janson Recently Joined B2B CFO(r)

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Usually it’s the dramatic things in our lives that cause us to make the changes in what we do and who we are.  As I look back at my career, I see I have made major changes that were caused by the events and circumstances in both my personal and professional life that has led me to the decisions I made at the time. I recently joined B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO consulting firm.  I left a prominent position