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Ken’s Bio

Ken continues to build on his many years of progressive, wide-ranging financial and business leadership experience. While operating in a variety of large manufacturing and consumer products concerns, he successfully built and led exemplary financial and IT organizations with four different corporations over the course of his twenty year career prior to joining B2B CFO®. During his corporate career, Ken held positions ranging from entry level Financial Analyst, to SVP of Finance, IT and Business Insights and Global Director of Finance and Planning while encompassing both domestic and international responsibilities. Ken has eighteen years experience in the CFO role at different companies ranging in size from $1M to $1.7B. His career has spanned numerous cities including Dallas and Pittsburgh with Midwest stints in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and, currently, Minneapolis.

Ken has worked in the following types of businesses providing his financial expertise at various levels.

Technology: software as a service* and mainframe software, semiconductor manufacturing, creative web design and development, network security consulting

Housewares: storage and organization products, paint applicators, consumer glass products, custom window coverings*

Health Care: home health care*, workers comp case management*, medical scribe staffing*, supplement manufacturing*

Industrial: glass products, construction and farm equipment components, data center and commercial electrical products, point-of-sale equipment, productivity tools for the art industry

Office Products: markers and writing instruments, small desk items, back-to-school supplies

Luxury: high quality confections*, jewelry, high end writing instruments

Services: printing, commercial sewing, inter-modal transportation, network security consulting, commercial and retail dry cleaning and laundry*

Wholesale Distribution: packaging supplies and solutions, propane, fuels, and lubricants*, landscaping and masonry supplies*

* current B2B CFO® client engagements

Through his vast industry experiences Ken has gained valuable knowledge in several specific areas of each industry. Included in his experiences are:

  • Heavy industrial, as well as, lighter manufacturing
  • Professional services
  • Printing
  • Health care services and products
  • Clean room manufacturing
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Assembly
  • Supply chain management

He also has experience working and directly negotiating with an array of customer groups that have included:

  • Office superstores
  • Discount retailers
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Department stores
  • OEMs
  • Aftermarket part retailers
  • Public education institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Do-it-yourself retailers

Ken is recognized for his key strengths in the following areas:

  • Planning and guiding business owners through a successful exit or transition from a business.
  • Aggressively identifying and driving profit improvement opportunities.
  • Developing strategic plans and visions supported by executable business and financial plans.
  • Uncovering sources of cash flow and implementing methods to make use of the cash.
  • Successfully managing third party relationships such as banking, insurance, CPA
  • Managing and improving operations.
  • Building top notch organizations and fostering a culture of success.
  • Leading with an open and direct, "people first" style.
Ken believes strongly the above tangible benefits to his clients must always far exceed his cost.

Key areas of focus for current B2B CFO® clients is business transition for owners, short and long term financial plans, cash flow projections and management, identifying new sources of cash, managing financing and investment relationships, profitability improvement, conversion to accrual accounting from the cash basis, gross margin expansion, staff development, and evaluation of strategic alternatives.

Ken received his BSBA degree from the University of Arizona with majors in both finance and marketing. While working full-time, Ken completed his MBA degree at the University of Dallas with a concentration in corporate finance. During his academic career, he completed 27 hours of accounting coursework.

Ken and his wife Sheralyn have two college age children. When he's not following his daughter's NCAA swimming career and his son's guitar escapades, he's an active Masters swimmer and triathlon competitor himself. In the past, Ken has been the volunteer CFO for Rapport Afghanistan, a charity providing basic necessities to the impoverished citizens of Afghanistan. Ken is also a participant in the Feed My Starving Children charity and co-founded Solid Beginnings, a charitable organization that redistributed used and new infant and toddler items to less privileged families in the Chicago area.

Please read this Letter of Recommendation for Ken Saddler at 82B CFO from Duncan Lee, CE0/Owner, Engineered Products Co

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Recent Articles

May 27Ken Saddler

Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact

May 27Ken Saddler

Great current info from my good friend Bill Cavanagh of Gunflint Capital in the Twin Cities: GF Data’s 196 active private equity data contributors completed 53 deals in the $10 million to $250 million Total Enterprise Value (TEV) range in the first quarter of 2015, at an average valuation of 6.8x Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Adjusted EBITDA. This valuation mark continues a steady upward march in aggregate pricing levels from 6.2x in the first quarter of 2014. “This is a

Nov 11Ken Saddler

Veteran’s Day

Nov 11Ken Saddler
Small Iwo Jima Memorial

Thank you veterans and if you are a business owner, your life just got a little easier. Have a great day! photo credit: Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) via photopin (license)

Jul 16Ken Saddler

CFO Magazine Feature

Jul 16Ken Saddler
The Exit Strategy Handbook

The contents of an important chapter from our book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, is featured in the most recent CFO magazine. It’s exciting to see the important advice for business owners receive validation in an excellent publication.

Apr 22Ken Saddler

Quote Worth Sharing

Apr 22Ken Saddler
Close Up Of Small Treasure Chest

Today on Business Radio XM 111 I heard a quote worth repeating. “Good business leaders learn how to recession proof their companies”. Their people, their products, their processes and hence their results are so robust they can succeed regardless of the external economic environment. To me that is a worthy standard to strive for. photo credit: Pirate treasure Chest via photopin (license)

Apr 2Ken Saddler

Good Economic News

Apr 2Ken Saddler

After a short spring break vacation, it was encouraging to open the business section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune today and see good economic news reported for the state on a number of fronts. Now if we can just do more about the taxes, fees and regulations in the state! Regardless, it is evidence that we are in a relatively good economic period for the state. While I’m a big proponent of staying focused on what you can control in

Mar 25Ken Saddler

Recent Minnesota Tax Law Changes

Mar 25Ken Saddler

From our CPA friends at HLB Tautges Redpath, Ltd. On Friday March 21, 2014 the Minnesota Legislature passed a tax bill that provided relief to individuals and businesses. The bill eliminated three business-to-business sales taxes passed in 2013 and changed the date for the capital equipment up-front exemption. The changes are highlighted below: • Repair and maintenance of electronic and precision and commercial and industrial equipment will not be taxable starting April 1, 2014. • Tax on warehousing and storage

Mar 25Ken Saddler

B2B CFO Client in the News

Mar 25Ken Saddler

With the recent heightened awareness around IT and network security, it is timely that B2B CFO client, Secure Digital Solutions of St. Louis Park, MN, was recently featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Please click on the attached link for the full article content.  The company has been a client for two years and has earned a reputation as a go to expert in the field of network security. CEO Chad Boeckmann has been featured twice on the local Fox

Jun 10Ken Saddler

Sweet Satisfaction

Jun 10Ken Saddler

It’s a great pleasure in life to help other people. This is the way I approach everyone I come in contact with in business. So when someone takes the time to recognize me for helping them, it doubles the reward. In 2010, I met the wonderful folks at Gracious Gifts, Inc., dba FunkyChunky, a manufacturer of artisan snacks. They were looking for a CFO to help “quarterback” them through the process of maximizing company value through an exit strategy. Nearly

May 13Ken Saddler

The Exit Strategy Handbook

May 13Ken Saddler

I am very excited to announce a great new tool we offer for business owners interested in knowing and increasing the value of their companies.

Oct 23Ken Saddler

Note to self…and other folks involved in selling

Oct 23Ken Saddler

How many times do I have to learn the hard way not to discuss price before establishing value?  You think I’d get it after awhile.

Oct 9Ken Saddler

Stick to Your Plan

Oct 9Ken Saddler

Many times working with clients, I see company owners fluctuate their message to employees somewhat wildly in a very short period of time.  This is confusing to managers and employees and can cause loss of focus in the organization.  Instead of taking action based on company goals, employees frequently ask themselves, “What should I do”?  When faced with these situations, I generally try to remind the owner of their strategic goals and what these means in terms of company focus. 

Jul 25Ken Saddler

Refreshing Conversation

Jul 25Ken Saddler

Had lunch today with the managing director of a local mid-sized CPA firm and a business owner friend of mine.  We all share the same belief that every business owner should make the best decisions for their business, maximize their profitability, and let their tax professional help them with legitimate, legal tax strategies.  Running the business to minimize tax instead of increasing the return on investment did not make a lot of sense to any of us. Are there situations when a

Dec 30Ken Saddler

Good Advice

Dec 30Ken Saddler

In the attached article written by David Worrell in, there is a quote that sums up a lot of what I believe in as a professional. It happens to be great advice too. Here it is, “There is a huge difference between a good accountant and a strategic finance professional”. Source: The rest of the article has good insight as well, but this line is particularly powerful.

Dec 17Ken Saddler

Give and You Will Receive

Dec 17Ken Saddler

Happy Holidays to anyone who happens to be reading this blog entry. Strange, but I do some of my best thinking…(you didn’t really think I was going there, did you?) actually when I’m out running.  Probably should be more focused on my exercise, but oh well.  Anyway, I digress. Yesterday, while in a client’s office, I found a dime on the floor of the controller’s office. So I did what just about everyone would do, I picked it up and

Jul 26Ken Saddler

The Joy of Helping Clients

Jul 26Ken Saddler

Our managing partner and founder, Jerry Mills, is  up for the Top Small Business Influencer in Americaaward.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I until I learned Jerry was nominated. Well, when I start to think about this a little further, it occurs to me how much our firm does influence small business in America in a very positive way. As an example, one of my clients recently accepted an offer to sell his business.  He is very happy with the situation, but

Jun 7Ken Saddler

B2B CFO Annual Partners Meeting

Jun 7Ken Saddler

Recently returned from the annual meeting of our firm in San Antonio.  What a pleasure it was to be with so many talented business people…and in a warm climate (not something I’ve been used to during the long Minnesota winter we’ve just experienced). I’ve heard it said, “You should spend time with people who you want to emulate.”  Initially that sounds like we should all be followers.  That’s not how I see it.  My translation is, we can all learn

Mar 13Ken Saddler

(somewhat) Random Thought While Jogging

Mar 13Ken Saddler

Yes, it’s still cold in Minnesota…despite the desperate prayers of many, many local folks who have had quite enough of old man winter 2011.  Even though it was snowing this morning, I decided to head out for a jog along the shore of (frozen) Lake Minnetonka near where I live and serve clients as a Part Time CFO in Minneapolis. While I was jogging, I was struck by a conversation I had with a young business owner last week.  I asked him

Feb 14Ken Saddler

Funky Chunky in the News Again! Happy Valentine's Day

Feb 14Ken Saddler

Well, you simply cannot keep quiet about products as exciting as the chocolate goodies offered by Funky Chunky.  Ronni Feuer, President and CEO, joined Minneapolis station KARE 11 very early this morning to give some guidance on how to take care of your loved ones with awesome chocolate treats on Valentine’s Day and the rest of the year.  Enjoy by clicking on this link, but be forewarned, you’ll be hungry after watching. 🙂

Jan 31Ken Saddler

Funky Chunky on The Today Show

Jan 31Ken Saddler

Funky Chunky on The Today Show I am happy to report that Funky Chunky is a client.  Their products were recently featured as a 2011 favorite on The Today Show by Dana Kowin of Food & Wine magazine.   Please click on the above link and Funky Chunky is at the end of the segment.  Congrats Ronni and Sandy!

Dec 15Ken Saddler

The Filter of Business Value

Dec 15Ken Saddler

My firm, B2B CFO®, currently has 178 partners in 39 states with a combined 5,130 years of experience.  One of the benefits of being a partner is it gives me access to many wonderful articles written by my knowledgeable partners to pass along in my newsletter. Due to this benefit, it has been awhile since I’ve written my own article for the newsletter.  When the passion for a certain topic motivates me however, I write!  With that said… Before leaving