In For The Long Haul

Our B2B CFO® Engagements Often Last For Years
game plan chart

In my last newsletter, I talked about how we at B2B CFO® establish our relationships with clients.  I talked about the free Discovery Analysis™ we offer to prospective clients and how we provide The Strategy Process™ to guide our work on high priority needs.  I showed how The Strategy Implementation™ phase focuses on those high priority needs, helping get a business’ financial and operational house in order.  Lastly, I talked about The Results Solution™ phase ensuring the goals of the The Strategy Process™ have been achieved.

I ended the newsletter by talking about how previous accomplishments are monitored and maintained and new initiatives explored which would be the subject of my next newsletter – this is that newsletter!

The B2B CFO® GamePlan™ includes two more important steps, which can occur sequentially or in parallel:

The Excel Experience™

The Excel Experience™ usually lasts for years.  During the earlier GamePlan™ steps, I’ve developed a deep understanding of our client’s business and demonstrated the value I can bring to help the business grow. I’ve achieved the position of trusted business advisor, like the business owner has with their lawyer and accountant.

During The Excel Experience™, I continue to work within the client’s budget.  The number of days or hours per month is typically lower than during The Strategy Implementation™ phase since I provide the support on an as-needed basis.  In addition to monitoring the ongoing financial performance of the business, my support might focus on areas such as:

  • Building a healthy cash balance
  • Maximizing profits
  • Obtaining new capital or loans
  • Evaluating information systems
  • Documenting internal processes
  • Improving the capabilities of the internal support staff
  • Expanding into new locations and geographies
My goal in providing this support is to help my client’s business surpass, outclass and out rival key competitors.
The Exit Strategy™
Every business owner with exit their business at some point in the future. No one lives forever.  The methods of exit vary and may include sale to another company or outside investors, a generational transfer, management buyout, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), initial public offering (IPO), liquidation or death.  The business owner’s options and a successful outcome depend highly on how well-prepared both the business and the owner are for the exit.  During The Excel Experience™, I begin working with owners on all the things that result in an organization with high valuation – solid revenue growth, high profitability, standardized processes, and a great management team.
In The Exit Strategy™ phase, I work with owners to determine the goals they want to achieve with their exit (ex – providing for retirement and children, making charitable bequests, becoming an investor in other businesses) as well as how prepared they are, both mentally and physically, to exit.  I continue the work begun in The Excel Experience™ to maximize the value of the business.  I develop specific action plans and work with the owner to ensure they are completed.
As the transition date nears, I help identify other key players (ex – valuation specialists, tax attorneys, investment bankers, wealth managers, estate planners) needed to achieve the exit, drawing on my own network and those of my B2B CFO® partners.  One way I provide value is by acting as the “quarterback” for the exit team – coordinating the work of the other players and ensuring the business owner’s interests are always upheld.

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