Happy New Year!

Growing up, I never really understood the thrill related to New Years day.  To me, it was just another day to sleep in and watch football games.  As I’ve grown older and wiser – along with a couple of kids and a business of my own – the significance of New Years has set in.

New Years to me is now a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year.  By now, I have my goals set, so I spend more time reflecting – focusing on the positives and relearning from the negatives. These are the top things that I’ve learned:

  • Focus on all goals – whether personal or professional – not allowing one to dominate the others
  • Treat every connection like gold – some of my best leads and relationships have come from people that I either thought were competitors or looking for something – never underestimate a connection.
  • Keep focused on why you are doing what you are doing – I’m in business to work with business owners and I find great joy in seeing them become more successful professionally and personally
  • Reward yourself and significant others after a job is well done – I recommend this to my clients consistently.  Don’t forget to reward yourself and the key players who have helped you succeed.
  • Never assume – I walk my clients through everything I either develop or propose and ask questions to ensure they understand.  Something really easy for me may not be clear for them – so it pays dividends to be clear!
  • Stay humble – I learned a long time ago to maintain humility while still being confident in my abilities.  I am what I am because of many people – humility is a virtue.
  • Give back – giving back isn’t just about writing a check.  Give a gift of your time – at a mission or charity of your choice.  Also take time to check in on someone, say hi, listen and/or give a word of encouragement – those are little things, but they mean so much.

The fun thing about life is that it is always changing and evolving – so many more lessons will be coming.

Happy New Year and enjoy some football games!


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