Do you Have a GamePlan?

I just returned from our National Partners’ meeting in Las Vegas. I had a great time connecting with many B2B CFO® professionals and I am always amazed at the wealth of knowledge shared. This year, I heard many success stories told about the effectiveness of the B2B CFO® system, The GamePlan.

What is The GamePlan™? This post describes the process in greater detail, and the first step is The Discovery Analysis™.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about the process.

On a more personal note, I  would like to congratulate those who are honoring graduates this month. My own son just graduated from UNO with his MBA and already has a job lined up!

The GamePlan™

Last fall, B2B CFO® introduced The GamePlan™,  a unique system to help business owners thrive while reducing their overall stress level.   Businesses that have adopted The GamePlan™ have experienced increased company value, greater personal wealth, and more free time, among other significant benefits.

Here is a description of how it works: 


Discovery Analysis

When I first meet a business owner who is interested in my help, I offer to conduct a free, no obligation Discovery Analysis™. This analysis helps me understand the business and see where I might be able to provide value. I hold a confidential meeting with the business owner(s), and may also interview other staff to understand the company’s strengths, challenges, and aspirations. I look through the company’s financial books, taking a deep dive into their financial and computer systems. I benchmark the business against other firms in their industry and geography, seeing how their key performance indicators line up. Finally, I create a confidential report of my findings called The Strategy Gameplan™.


I then mStrategy Logoeet with the business owner to discuss the key findings from my Discovery Analysis™. In my experience, the owner is aware of some of my findings already, but others may come as a surprise. During this Strategy Process™step, I lay out the company’s current financial state, and describe a desired state which I validate with the business owner. I also recommend some priority tasks to improve the company’s financial health, including a recommended timeline. The Strategy Gameplan™ is the business owner’s to keep and there is no obligation to go further. Often, however, the business owner wants me to help implement the recommendations. We agree on the proposed costs, making sure they are affordable for the business.

View the entire GamePlanTM process.

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