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What I Learned as a Paper Boy | Early Business Lessons

Newspaper Early Business Lessons

I was sitting at a lunch with clients and their private equity owners and we were having a discussion of first jobs. Many of us had delivered papers as our first jobs.

I had not focused on the fundamental, blocking and tackling business lessons we had learned until we were talking about it at the lunch.…

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What Do Successful Business Leaders Do?

I have had the good fortune to work with a few really good business leaders and owners; and more than a few not so good business leaders and owners.  And while there are a number of traits that the good leaders possess and use, there are two that I believe are critical:

  • Insane long-term focus on the business strategy
  • Extraordinary devotion and relationships with all employees


It’s easy to believe that you are intensely focused on your business strategy and your business, it’s quite another to practice that focus. …

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Bonus Plans That Pay

In today’s competitive environment finding and retaining top talent is a key to business success.  Developing and implementing a bonus plan that is in alignment with your business goals can be a powerful aid in keeping those high performers on your team.

Keys To an Effective Bonus Plan

  • One of the ways your team will know it is valued is that they will be paid well.  

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“Why” Video from B2B CFO

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What CEO’s Want from CFO’s

Small CEO At Conference

As I’ve written before, the job of CFO has changed and continues to change. We’re not just the numbers people anymore. We have to turn numbers and data into actionable information.

We can’t be the CF nO. We have to find a way to make things happen and face the challenges of limited resources (cash and people).…

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