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Quote Worth Sharing

Close Up Of Small Treasure Chest

Today on Business Radio XM 111 I heard a quote worth repeating. “Good business leaders learn how to recession proof their companies”. Their people, their products, their processes and hence their results are so robust they can succeed regardless of the external economic environment. To me that is a worthy standard to strive for. photo… Read more »

Do You Generating Revenue At All Costs?


Increasing revenue is how you grow your business.  Whether it’s finding that next customer, project, or product line, selling more usually equates to business growth.  We often focus so much on finding that next sale, we sometimes overlook the incremental cost of landing that business.  Good discipline in analyzing your sales channel maintenance and gross… Read more »

Outsmart Obamacare – Go Protean


There was an interesting article from the WSJ today about how small companies might avoid the 50 employee ObamaCare threshold. It’s called a “Protean Corporation” where a small number of core employees are surrounded by a large cloud of resources, generally contracted or outsourced talent that does most of the work. A version of this… Read more »

WSJ Article HighlightsThis Year’s Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies

There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal online tonight about the Top 50 venture backed companies. Timely, also, as I’ve been helping two startups put their cash flow forecasts together.  The author, Colleen DeBaise, is the small business editor at the WSJ.  She spoke at the B2B CFO partner meeting last May in San Diego. Web… Read more »