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Veteran’s Day

Small Iwo Jima Memorial

Thank you veterans and if you are a business owner, your life just got a little easier. Have a great day! photo credit: Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) via photopin (license)


Mini Data Workers On Device

I have talked in the past about Big Data; the need for CFO’s to be integral in the process of collecting and analyzing data.  Smart CFO’s then create analytics out of analysis. Analytics can include several different types.  See this article in InformationWeek for a more detailed description of three: Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive.  See the comments… Read more »

Work with a CFO, not a CF No

No Painted In White On Red

Finance departments and CFO’s have had a reputation of answering all requests with no. In fact, many finance departments still have that reputation. We had become CF No’s. It was too easy to respond to any new idea with all of the reasons it could not work. And despite my earlier commentary on August 23, 2014… Read more »

Challenges of the M&A Process

Small Bumpy Road Ahead Sign

I am a veteran of a number of sell side transactions. Seeing a business sale to the end is a landmark achievement. The process is filled with obstacles all the way through. See the FERF Executive Report for a discussion of the various challenges. One of the most significant challenges is to keep business momentum moving… Read more »

“No is easy”

Easy Button From Staples

…“when yes is not an option” said an associate of mine when he and I were members of the same CFO round table. While this phrase can have many implications, it explains that most decisions are easy, but in reality are difficult to execute. One decision frequently faced by CFO’s is the request to spend… Read more »