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A Practical Guide to Growth Using Contract Marketing and Finance Executive Resources

Mark Coronna, Partner & CMO–Chief Outsiders with John Morris, Partner, and Ken Saddler, CFO, B2B CFO® The use of contract executives (also referred to as fractional, on-demand, or outsourced executives) is relatively new in leadership and organizational staffing models. The oldest and largest contract executive company, B2B CFO®, was founded in 1987. The largest contract executive company… Read more »

What Do Successful Business Leaders Do?

I have had the good fortune to work with a few really good business leaders and owners; and more than a few not so good business leaders and owners.  And while there are a number of traits that the good leaders possess and use, there are two that I believe are critical: Insane long-term focus… Read more »

Bonus Plans That Pay

In today’s competitive environment finding and retaining top talent is a key to business success.  Developing and implementing a bonus plan that is in alignment with your business goals can be a powerful aid in keeping those high performers on your team. Keys To an Effective Bonus Plan One of the ways your team will… Read more »