B2B CFO Annual Partners Meeting

Recently returned from the annual meeting of our firm in San Antonio.  What a pleasure it was to be with so many talented business people…and in a warm climate (not something I’ve been used to during the long Minnesota winter we’ve just experienced).

I’ve heard it said, “You should spend time with people who you want to emulate.”  Initially that sounds like we should all be followers.  That’s not how I see it.  My translation is, we can all learn from people we choose to be around.  We can learn good and bad things, depending on who we want to hang around.  Well, I choose to be with positive, goal oriented, driven, professionals.  This describes my partners around the country very well.  I gained so many good and creative ideas at the conference, a lot of times just speaking to my partners between meetings.

When you spend the money to travel to a meeting like this, you want to get a return from the investment.  Well, as a CFO, I’ve done the math and there is no doubt I got a well above average ROI on the 2011 B2B CFO Annual Partners Meeting!

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