Strategic Risk Assessment

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When describing what I do as a CFO, I often say we create strategies to convert non-cash assets into cash. For example collecting A/R, minimizing inventory or improving capital equipment utilization. I also add that our job is to mitigate risk. Mitigating risk is really about identifying risk and creating alternatives to reduce the chance… Read more »

Founder Jerry Mills’ Latest Article on

Congrats to our Founder Jerry Mills for his article about prepping financials for sale in Don’t let material balance sheet errors, insupportable earnings projections or revenue recognition errors stop a buyer from acquiring your company. This article is excerpted and adapted from chapter 19 of “The Exit Strategy Handbook: The Best Guide for Selling… Read more »

CFO Magazine Feature

The Exit Strategy Handbook

The contents of an important chapter from our book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, is featured in the most recent CFO magazine. It’s exciting to see the important advice for business owners receive validation in an excellent publication.

What is Free Cash Flow?

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When I was growing up, my grandfather would get me confused with my cousin Tim – so quite frequently, Tim would be called Michael and I would be called Tim. We were quite different but similar enough that we would be confused with each other. In the same way, often times in a conversation about… Read more »

What is EBITDA?


When I was growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, a highlight was going to our local high school basketball games.  I’m dating myself, but the pep band would play a peppy Chicago tune or the Hawaii-5-0 theme – a good old time.  The cheerleaders would also do the cheer – gimme a V,… Read more »