IRS Repair Regulations

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I have never been overly persuaded by business owners complaining of government over-regulation. I have been a business owner and generally I did not think complying with government regulations created a significant burden. Until now. The beleaguered IRS, resource constrained as it is, has seen fit to create onerous compliance requirements on business. Briefly, taxpayers are required to file a Form… Read more »

New Business Opportunities

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The benefit of experience is the opportunity to make a bunch of mistakes. Wisdom is exhibited by not repeating those mistakes. The benefit of a new year is to start fresh and 2015 promises to be an active year for businesses. The economy continues to improve and it is likely new business deals will be presented to you. Resolve… Read more »


Christmas Lights Snowman And Decorations

As we go deep into the holiday season our stress levels can increase. The combination of closing out the year at work, finalizing plans for business in the new year, and dealing with the myriad of family issues that tend to be exaggerated at the holidays can increase stress. There are also a number of… Read more »