Award Winning Author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Bo Burlingham to Keynote B2B CFO’s Annual Meeting

MESA, Ariz. [November 5, 2015] – B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO and Exit Strategies firm for privately held businesses, announced today that award winning author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Bo Burlingham will keynote the National Partners Meeting to be held April 28-30, 2016. The invitation-only annual event that brings together all of B2B CFO’s Partners… Read more »

The Entrepreneurs Library – The Exit Strategy

In this audio clip B2B CFO® Founder Jerry Mills shares all his insights on his book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, where he reveals the best way business owners can prepare themselves for selling a business.  

What is a T-Account?

Large Medieval Letter-T

Time to go old school here. I remember clearly my first high school accounting class – it would have been more appropriately titled a bookkeeping class as the highlight was setting up and accounting for a new business in its first year. We learned things from writing a check to recording journal entires to There… Read more »

What is a Bridge?

Small Bridge At Night

No – this is not a trick question. I’m not talking about the Golden Gate or the Mackinac or even the London variety. I know a bridge is a physical structure often found crossing a river or a road or a set of railroad tracks amongst other obstacles. If it is done right, it makes… Read more »

What is a Key Performance Indicator?

Blurry Speedometer For Modulation

It is quite shocking to realize that from birth we all have Key Performance Indicators – KPIs for short.  Whether it is the Apgar score right when we popped out of our mothers or how many pull-ups we could do in grade school or the hit rate for emptying the garbage on time at home… Read more »