Month: August 2014

“No is easy”

Easy Button From Staples

…“when yes is not an option” said an associate of mine when he and I were members of the same CFO round table. While this phrase can have many implications, it explains that most decisions are easy, but in reality are difficult to execute. One decision frequently faced by CFO’s is the request to spend… Read more »

Presentation Season

People At A Meeting

Fall will soon be upon us. For many organizations it is also budget season. That means strategy sessions and budget presentations. We have interminably long slide shows to look forward to. Or do we. I was at a continuing education session this week and someone described what CFO’s do as “creating a story out of… Read more »

Remote Employees

Small Laptop And Phone On Table

In my CFO practice I am seeing more and more remote workers as well as geographic disparate hierarchies.  That is, employee’s supervisors resident in one location while the employee is resident in a different location. Such work arrangements will become more common and more global in the future. The millennial generation will continue to seek… Read more »

Strategic Risk Assessment

Monopoly Houses On Top Of Poker Chips

When describing what I do as a CFO, I often say we create strategies to convert non-cash assets into cash. For example collecting A/R, minimizing inventory or improving capital equipment utilization. I also add that our job is to mitigate risk. Mitigating risk is really about identifying risk and creating alternatives to reduce the chance… Read more »