Month: June 2013

Pulling Together The Success Team™

The team is only as good as the sum of its parts I have written extensively about the need for an exit plan from your business.  Understanding your options for exit combined with where you are both financially and mentally, will help you select the most appropriate exit option for your business.  In order to… Read more »

Sweet Satisfaction

It’s a great pleasure in life to help other people. This is the way I approach everyone I come in contact with in business. So when someone takes the time to recognize me for helping them, it doubles the reward. In 2010, I met the wonderful folks at Gracious Gifts, Inc., dba FunkyChunky, a manufacturer… Read more »

Increasing Value – Removing Distractions

“Getting distracted is the biggest problem entrepreneur’s face.” – Gordon Segal, founder & CEO of Crate & Barrel A business leader will typically encounter various types of activities when running their business.  At B2B CFO®, we categorize these activities into three distinct functions – Finder, Minders and Grinders™. A Finder is someone that is typically… Read more »

Wish you had more time in your day?

In business we place a lot of value on the commodities and materials we need to run our businesses.  Whether it’s gold, plastic resins, or electronic components, we store, measure and allocate our resources to maximize the benefit to our companies.  Although we do measure, track and expense the payroll cost of our people, we… Read more »