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Outsmart Obamacare – Go Protean


There was an interesting article from the WSJ today about how small companies might avoid the 50 employee ObamaCare threshold. It’s called a “Protean Corporation” where a small number of core employees are surrounded by a large cloud of resources, generally contracted or outsourced talent that does most of the work.

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Who Likes Cash?

If you’re a sports fan and spent part of the holiday season enjoying some of the action, you could not help but see the commercial where the actor references a survey that indicates 99% of his people surveyed favor cash, with 1% dissenting.  I know the people I come in contact on a daily basis are in the 99% group, but why is it such a challenge and why does it seem so elusive?…

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What Does a B2B CFO® Do?

Hope everyone had a great holiday with your family and a good start to 2013. I had a chance to work with a number of really good clients in 2012, and  I also had a reminder about how powerful goal setting is; I received a check in the middle of December that got me to my exact goal for the year to the penny!

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