Month: October 2012

Why Don’t I Have Any Cash?

“My business is profitable, but I never seem to have any cash.”  Does this seem to happen in your business?  Typical financial statements are usually kept on the accrual basis, so when you ship your product you record revenue, when you incur an expense, you recorded it; and when your suppliers ship your products under… Read more »

It's Time for Year-End Planning

and Not Just Tax Planning… Every Fall CPA’s receive calls to talk about year-end tax planning. Should we try to move income items to next year? Can we make some expenditure this year to reduce our taxable income? Have we funded our retirement accounts? Many questions should be considered to help better plan for the… Read more »

Why Can't We All Get Along?

I find this quite ironic that I’m posting a blog about getting along.  When I look at many political blogs and the comments section for most any type of article, I find that people have either a black or white opinion.  Many situations immediately bring out a hateful comment resulting in a bashing of the… Read more »