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Do you Have a GamePlan?

I just returned from our National Partners’ meeting in Las Vegas. I had a great time connecting with many B2B CFO® professionals and I am always amazed at the wealth of knowledge shared. This year, I heard many success stories told about the effectiveness of the B2B CFO® system, The GamePlan.…

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In For The Long Haul

Our B2B CFO® Engagements Often Last For Years
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In my last newsletter, I talked about how we at B2B CFO® establish our relationships with clients.  I talked about the free Discovery Analysis™ we offer to prospective clients and how we provide The Strategy Process™ to guide our work on high priority needs.  

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The Game Plan™ – How We Work With Our Clients

It can be uncomfortable and possibly scary to engage an outside consultant.  Overused business slogans and undecipherable acronyms in boiler-plate proposals offer little to define how the engagement will proceed, what will be accomplished, and an understanding of what it will cost.

The B2B CFO® process includes The Game Plan™, a six step process depicted in the paragraphs below:

The Discovery Analysis™

When I first meet a business owner who is curious about my services, I offer to conduct a free, no obligation Discovery Analysis™.  …

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